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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Colorful parade is the highlight of Enough is Enough Week

What great sports! It's not every day you see an entire baseball team decked out in red high-heeled pumps! But on April 7, the Northampton Community College Spartans donned the stylish footwear to "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" in support of women and to protest violence against them.

The national program  is based on the saying, "You can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes." The baseball players, as well as other like-minded NCC men, did a walking tour through the Student Life Zone, Laub Lounge and the Food Court. The event ended with refreshments.

"Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" was one of a host of events at NCC campuses for "Enough is Enough" Week, April 4-8, aimed at creating a more positive atmosphere.  See photos of the men in pumps -- as well as other events throughout the week -- in this Flickr gallery. Also check out this video montage of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes parade, and watch the WFMZ news coverage of "Enough is Enough."

Events at Bethlehem and Monroe campuses included:

Bethlehem Campus

All week:

These Hands Don't Hurt
-- Pledge to do your part to keep NCC safe and free from violence and bullying.
Random Acts of Kindness -- Fill out postcards or notes sharing positive experiences that happen daily at NCC.
Pay it Forward -- Pick up a "Pay it Forward" card or two that challenge you to do kind acts for fellow Northampton students, faculty and staff. Once completed, return the card to see how much good will and cheer we can spread throughout campus.

April 4
Free Yoga Session -- Join us at the open yoga session for stress relief and take the opportunity to learn yoga if you have never tried it before!
Nail Painting Colors for Causes
-- Have your nails painted with a color of your choice to promote awareness of various social concerns.

April 5
Minute to Win It --
Test your skills against other students in fun competition while learning ways to relieve stress.
Sexual Assault Workshop -- When does flirting or foreplay cross the line into sexual assault? What is the Coercion Continuum? A representative from the Crime Victim's Council of the LV discussed this and more. Learn more about sexual assault and how to protect yourself from being accused of or being assaulted.
Active Shooter Presentation -- What if the unthinkable happened? Would you know what to do? The Chief of NCC's Security discussed what we should do should we ever have an active shooter on campus.

April 6
Black and White Day -- Wear black and white to show your support for the Enough is Enough campaign.
NCC Day of Service - Students, faculty and staff worked in our local community performing community service. Thank you to those giving their precious time to make our community a better place.
Day of Silence - Participants volunteered to not speak for a period of two hours to symbolize and honor those who have been mortally silenced.
Transgender Educational Seminar - Learn more about what it means to be transgender based on the experiences of our students.
Coffee, Cookies and Conversations for Faculty and Staff -- Members of the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) held a casual conversation about concerns of student conduct and campus safety.

April 7
Free Massages --
Have all of your stress massaged away by our massage therapy students.
"Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®," NCC men participated in an international Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.
Meditation to De-Stress - Head to the KIVA (next to Founders Hall) to meditate your stress away. 3:30 p.m.

April 8
Bystander Intervention Presentation - If the number of innocent bystanders always outweighs the number of perpetrators and victims, why can't we stop violence? Come explore the principles of bystander intervention to learn how to empower yourself and others to act. 10:30 - 11:30 a.m., Laub Lounge, College Center.

Monroe Campus

All Week:
These Hands Don't Hurt
- Pledge to do your part in keeping our school safe and free from violence and bullying.
Random Acts of Kindness - Share positive experiences that you have encountered on our campus.

April 6
Meditation - Get away from your stress and relax at our meditation session!

April 7
Title IX Workshop - Women's Resources of Monroe County provided information regarding what constitutes sexual assault, resources and risk education.
See Something, Say Something! - Enjoy coffee and conversation about the NCC conduct policy. Learn the benefits of reporting incidents on campus.
Black and White Day. Join the NCC community in wearing black and white, tying together mourning and remembrance with peace, innocence and solidarity with victims of violence.

April 8
Ping Pong Tournament
- Relieve some stress in a non-violent game of ping pong.