What's New in the Community Garden?

Where the grass is greener

While butterflies, flowers, birds and bees are always plentiful in Northampton Community College's East 40 Community Garden in the summer, they are sharing the space with some exciting new additions!  

East 40 Wood Kiln

One is something that's been in the work for two years:  a wood fire pottery kiln. The kiln, which will be used to make fine art, functional and decorative pottery by NCC students, had its first test firing on June 30. Did it reach the desired temperature of Cone 6? An article with the results and more photos will be posted soon!

Other additions include: 

· Several new native shrubs and bushes to diversify plant life and attract pollinators and birds

 · Large sunflower crop planted for potential oil pressing

 · Ft. Lauderdale trellis for tomatoes sold at the SlowMarket were installed (it helps climbing veggies like tomatoes to grow up)

·  Five new bee hives were added 

 . . . . And talks about the first ever SlowMarket summer games!  

If you've never seen the East 40, you need to check it out in all its summer glory! It's located east of Commonwealth Hall. You'll find gardeners from the College and the larger community coming together to experience sustainable gardening, ecological awareness, service learning and healthy living.   You can taste the delicious results at the SlowMarket every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The market is held in the parking lot outside of Kopecek Hall. Produce from the East 40 and produce, breads, meats, cheeses, candles, coffee, and clothing from local vendors are offered.  The products are chemical and GMO free. Open to the public!

East 40

East 40