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The Home Cook Enthusiast

The Home Cook Enthusiast Certificate

The certificate consists of the 7 courses for a total of 54 hours. These hands-on classes progress quickly from basic foundational skills to more advanced precision techniques that are the basis for creating any style of cuisine. Class size is limited to enhance learning. You will learn tools, techniques and building-block recipes to create sophisticated, spectacular meals at home. Classes are held in our state of the art culinary kitchen at our Bethlehem location and taught by professionally trained chefs.

When are Courses Offered?

Course Name Summer I Summer II Fall Winter Spring
HCOOKS256 - Cooking Fundamentals*        
HCOOKS257 - Stocks and Sauces*        
HCOOKS258 - Mastering the Main Course        
HCOOKS259 - Savory Baking        
HCOOKS260 - Delectable Desserts        
HCOOKS26 - Sidelines        


Core certificate courses are offered each semester at both Main and Monroe campuses. Additional certificate courses are offered each semester at alternating campuses.

Culinary Presentation is a final 3 hour course to be scheduled by the instructor upon completion of the 6 classes. This course requires you to plan, shop, and execute a 3 course meal. Classes must be completed within 2 years for the certificate.

Students who are not seeking the certificate, but have an interest in cooking, may take any of the courses.

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