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Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic Vegetable Gardening Certificate

Earn a certificate in organic vegetable gardening! This certificate is ideal for individuals interested in supporting and creating community gardens, homeowners preparing to plan and install their own vegetable gardens and those who want to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Courses are hands-on and held in the East 40 Community Garden (weather permitting) for 3 hour sessions once a month from March-September. The exception being COMMG112, 2, two hour sessions.

Requirements: Must complete all 8 classes (March-September) in the Community Garden - Organic Vegetable Gardening Series - COMMG112, for a total of 25 hours. In addition, submit your Garden Portfolio Project.

The Organic Vegetable Gardening Series - COMMG112 series includes the course listed below. Students not seeking the certificate, but have an interest in gardening, may take any of the courses.

When are Courses Offered?

Course Name Summer I Summer II Fall Winter Spring
COMMG118 - Planning an Organic Vegetable Garden        
COMMG103 - How to Grow Your Own Vegetable Seedlings        
COMMG104 - Building Good Soil, Growing Vegetables in Raised Beds and Composting        
COMMG105 - Planting the Summer Vegetable Garden & Watering Wisely        
COMMG106 - Organic Pest, Disease and Weed Control for Your Vegetable        
COMMG107 - Extend Your Vegetable Garden Growing Season        
COMMG108 - Preserving and Storing Your Vegetable Harvest        
COMMG114 - Vegetable Seed Saving Basics and Fall Gardening Tasks        
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