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Address: 511 E. 3rd Street, Bethlehem, PA 18105

Phone: 610.332.8665


Jeffrey Boerner, Director of the NCC Fab 


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Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am -12pm

Other hours are available by appointment. Please call 610-332-8665 to arrange a time.

The Tech Lab offers diverse and abundant equipment to help you create and experiment using the latest tools. Begin in our computer classroom where a multitude of ideas can be drawn and conceived using programs such as Solidworks, Inventor and MasterCam. Turn those ideas into a solid object using the Lab's collection of 3D printers, including a uPrint prototyping machine capable of printing multiple materials at the same time.

Laser technology is also available to everyone with a minimum of training. Our lasers are versatile, equipped with 60- and 80-watt laser tubes, fit 39 inches of material and are perfect for engineers, architects, artists, woodworkers, metalworkers and guitar builders who use the laser for cutting, engraving and inlaying.

You'll also find great inspiration by interacting with people from other disciplines, including woodworkers, guitar makers, metalworkers and more who are working on their own projects within the facility. So whether you're a model maker, model train enthusiast, jeweler or something in between, come in ... and explore.

Sample Tech Lab Equipment

  • Trotec Laser
  • Epilog Laser
  • Roland Vinyl Cutter
  • Stratsys 3D Printer
  • Form Labs 3D printer
  • Ultimaker 3D Printer
  • 7 soldering stations
  • 10 computer station lab

Sample Tech Lab Courses

  • Solidworks I and II
  • 3D Printing and Cold Casting
  • Master Cam
  • G-Code Writing and Editing
  • Auto Cad
  • Corel Draw and the Epilog and Trotec Laser
  • 3 hour Laser Technology
  • Arduino I and II
  • Robotics - Sensors and Arduino Programming
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