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Construction Programs

Construction Programs

OSHA Construction Outreach Training Programs

CBI provides hands-on OSHA 10 & 30 construction outreach training programs. Candidates successfully completing the program will be given a certificate and the corresponding "OSHA card." View the open enrollment programs. On-site program delivery is also available. To learn more, please send an email.

Safety and Health Guidance

Safety requires a combination of education, common sense, and vigilance. While some organizations have safety programs in place, others strive for safety but require assistance identifying needs and implementing best safety practices. CBI is your guidance and implementation partner. Our Safety and Health Guidance Program begins with a meeting to discuss your goals, expectations, safety challenges and regulatory requirements. In essence, an outline is developed for creating and sustaining a healthy organizational safety culture. The process continues with a confidential site safety assessment that identifies areas of concern, appropriate remedial action and OSHA training requirements. Once a plan of action is established, implementation will begin at a time that best accommodates your organization. Coaching, discussion and consultation will be woven throughout the entire process to ensure your organization meets all identified safety objectives. To learn more, please email or call 610.332.6596.

Credit Construction Management Degree Program

Designed by industry professionals, CBI also offers an associate's degree in Construction Management that will prepare participants for work as project managers, supervisors, construction company owners, code enforcement officers and more.

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