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SMaRT Scholars FAQ

Must I take the mathematics placement test in order to qualify for the scholarship?
The answer is "no" if you took the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA) test and scored at least 1300 on the math portion of the test (or scored proficient on the math portion of HSPA for New Jersey)


you took the SATs and scored at least 500 on the math portion The answer is "yes" otherwise.
How do I know if I qualify to take College Algebra?
When you apply for the grant you should send us your high school transcript. Recent graduates of Pennsylvania high schools will have taken the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA) test in eleventh grade and the score should be included on the transcript. We will notify you whether or not you meet the mathematics requirement for the SMaRT Scholarship. If you took the SAT test, you can qualify by scoring high enough on the math portion of that test. Have the College Board send your scores to Northampton Community College. If you take the College's mathematics placement test, you will be notified immediately whether or not you qualify for College Algebra.

The results of the mathematics placement test indicate I must take Intermediate Algebra before taking College Algebra. Can I still qualify for the scholarship?
If you meet all other eligibility requirements, you may receive provisional acceptance into the scholarship program. You would have to take and pass with a C or better Intermediate Algebra either on campus or as an online course by the end of June to meet the mathematics requirement for the scholarship.