Student Outreach

Strategic Focus

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Student Outreach

  • Hit the road in a traveling van to reach students who are intimidated about coming to campus
  • Expand flexible scheduling options
  • Develop a helpful career exploration program
  • Reach out to veterans, home-schooled students, high school students who could benefit from dual enrollment, students unable to attend classes on campus, and students uncertain about their career goals
Strategic ActionMetricsTimelineOwner
Set Enrollment Targets
for next 3 years
Increase overall credit hours
by 4% in next 2 yrs.

Increase new student
credit hours by 4% in next
2 years

Increase new student yield
rate by 16% in next 2 years
Fall 2014 (2%)
Fall 2015 (4%)

Fall 2013 (0%)
Fall 2014 (2%)
Fall 2015 (4%)

Fall 2014 (8%)
Fall 2015 (16%)
Bring Enrollment/Financial Aid
to the community utilizing
a traveling van
Complete outfitting of van

Engage 300 students from
van visits
Fall 2013

Spring 2014
Develop Career Exploration Track Develop curriculum

Pilot course

Introduce Program
Fall 2013

Spring 2014

Fall 2014
Develop new programs
and majors
Develop 8 new programs in
next 2 years

Expand Winter options

Develop 2 new scheduling
options in next 2 years
Fall 2013 (4 programs)
Fall 2014 (6 programs)
Fall 2015 (8 programs)

Fall 2013

Fall 2014 (1 option)
Fall 2015 (1 option)
Enhance online presence/
flexible options
Implement new online
marketing strategy

Introduce new website
Fall 2013

Fall 2014