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Students who choose to major in Liberal Arts have the distinct advantage of already having made a decision about pursuing a bachelor's degree at a four-year institution. NCC offers two opportunities for these students: take elective courses in various departments, or take advantage of any of the eight concentrations available:

Environmental Studies
Political Science
Women's & Gender Studies

Students following one of the concentrations or a student planning to major in another field will find it necessary to begin taking courses in that major field during the first year of the program. The diverse areas of concentration and the many electives offered through the Liberal Arts program builds confidence in students and teaches them how to exercise their mind in multiple areas. The people skills gained through the program are utilized in the workplace and in society, and the many tools that are picked up in the first two years of study will be utilized no matter the environment.

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Careers in Liberal Arts

Those who study liberal arts can pursue a range of careers. Most entry-level positions require people who can learn quickly and solve problems; the specifics are taught on the job. Liberal arts majors who are passionate about their studies are at an advantage in the job market, experts say. Interest in the classroom often translates to eagerness in a job search and enthusiasm in an interview. And the ability to confidently articulate their ideas-a hallmark of liberal arts training-may be these jobseekers' best justification of all for having chosen their major.

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