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The Funeral Service Education program is designed to give students a broad understanding of funeral home operation, funeral directing, public health and embalming along with a foundation in communication skills, social science and applied science. Students not only develop a comprehensive understanding of preparation of a body and ceremony according to the wishes of the survivors, but are also taught to prepare financial accounts, file death certificates and legal documents, and to direct individuals into post-death counseling or support group activities. Funeral Service operates as a business but also requires professionals in the field to exhibit sensitivity and compassion in dealing with bereaved families and to be open-minded about the ways in which people of different faiths and cultures express their feelings and practice their beliefs.

Acceptance into the program is competitive, and applicants must have completed minimum admission requirements of high school biology and chemistry labs with a C or with an overall high school GPA of 2.5 or better. 

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Careers in Funeral Service Education

Graduates with an associate's degree in Funeral Service Education are qualified to take positions as resident interns, funeral directors, and embalmers. The scope of the work takes place mostly in funeral homes and crematories, with on-call hours including nights and weekends. Funeral directors arrange the details and logistics of a funeral or services to honor the deceased. Funeral directors also handle the paperwork involved with a person's death.

Funeral Service Education Career Paths

  • Funeral Director
  • Embalmer
  • Pre-Need Funeral Counselor
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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Applied Science | 2 years

State Licensing

If you are a Northampton Community College student living outside of Pennsylvania or intending to complete an internship or clinical placement outside of the state in a NCC program leading to professional licensure, you should review requirements on the state board website to make sure that the program qualifies.

Licensure requirements vary from state to state and you may require additional authorization from the professional licensing agency in that state. Participating in a program from outside of Pennsylvania, if not properly authorized by that state's professional licensing board, could result in loss of licensing eligibility. If you need help or have questions, please contact the Program Director for more information.

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