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At NCC, students have the opportunity to receive practical training in a modern commercial kitchen and open to the public restaurant, the Hampton Winds.  Students should expect to progress from entry level skills to advanced techniques in both classical and modern cooking, including tableside cooking and plate presentation.  NCC continues to raise the bar in culinary excellence by combining hands-on experiences with quality full time faculty instruction.  Through various onsite special events students have the opportunity to experience banquet style cooking and plating; the Chef in Residents program allows students to learn from experienced industry chef's and graduates.

Whether the setting is a restaurant, hotel, club, corporate food service or catered event, culinary arts in an occupation that is built around teamwork.  Careers in the culinary field can be rewarding and satisfying, but it takes dedication, passion and a desire to work with fellow culinarians who have a passion for the industry.

There are two opportunities during the year to enter the program, spring and fall.  The preferred application deadline for fall enrollment is February 1; the preferred spring deadline is October 1.  Students can enroll into English 101 or its equivalent prior to acceptance. 

Graduates of the program will not only have the ability to create a savory plate, but will also be able to provide guests with an enjoyable dining experience.  Each graduate will be able to perform all of the fundamental tasks required of a commercial culinary kitchen - from station set up to final plate presentation.  Employment opportunities exist in the areas of chef, line chefs, banquet chefs, bakers and caterers.  With experience students can progress to executive chefs, pastry chefs and back of the house managers.

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Your Career in Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts graduates can expect to work early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays.  Potential settings include multi-unit franchise restaurants, owner-operated restaurants, four-star hotels, private country clubs, corporate food service and catering businesses.  Job placement and assistance is always available through the Office of Career Services.

As you hone your skills and gain invaluable industry experience you can progress upward to becoming an executive chef.  Other opportunities exist as chef de cuisine, sous chef, line chef, banquet chef, baker, pastry chef or caterer.

Culinary Arts Career Paths

  • Chef
  • Line Chef
  • Banquet Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Baker
  • Pastry Chef
  • Caterer
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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Applied Science | 2 years
  • Specialized Diploma conferred | 1 year
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