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Engineering @NCC

NCC's Engineering program is designed to provide the first two years of courses common to many 4-year engineering schools. Through a broad curriculum of physics, mathematics and engineering electives, students will gain lab and real-world experience and develop skills common to all engineering specialties. The coursework emphasizes critical thinking and study habits. Students ready for transfer will be able to demonstrate competent technical knowledge in engineering-related areas and successfully apply their obtained skills to common engineering problems.

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Careers in Engineering

As entry level engineers gain experience and knowledge, they may work more independently, making decisions, developing designs, and solving problems. With further experience, engineers may become technical specialists or supervisors over a staff or team of engineers or technicians. Eventually, they may become engineering managers, or may move into other managerial or sales jobs

Engineering Career Paths

  • Engineer
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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Science | 2 years
  • This entire program can be completed at our Monroe Campus
  • This entire program can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus
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