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Healthcare Billing and Coding @NCC

The Healthcare Billing and Coding specialized diploma is a three semester program which has been endorsed by local healthcare employers. This program prepares you for the responsibilities and challenges expected of a skilled healthcare  biller and coder. A healthcare biller and coder translates health care procedures into a standardized code for use by insurance companies, while also compiling and submitting claims to insurance companies and billing patients.

Courses in this program include Basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology, CPT Coding Methodology, PCS Coding Methodologies, and Health Insurance Basics.

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Your Career in Healthcare Billing and Coding

The career potential for specialized diploma holders includes positions as Healthcare  Billing Clerks, Healthcare Coders, Healthcare Records Clerks, and Patient Account Representatives.   Graduates of this specialized diploma program can also continue their education and complete the Healthcare Office Specialist certificate or Healthcare Office Coordinator associate degree with ease.

Healthcare Billing and Coding Career Paths

  • Healthcare Billing Clerk
  • Healthcare Coder
  • Healthcare Records Clerk
  • Patient Account Representative
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Degrees We Offer

  • Specialized Diploma | 1.5 years
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