Shadows of the Samurai

Shadows of the Samurai

satori japanese characterJoin us in celebrating 25 Years of Art as a Way of Learning®.  NCC College Life Committee presents Shadows of the Samurai.

Experience Japanese tales of dragon kings, Snow spirits and samurai heroes; traditional shakuhachi flute and percussion; shadow puppetry, mask, and projected images; entertaining for all ages. 

Workshop and Performance 

Monday, May 8th Workshop 
4:00 pm- 5:30 pm with Interactive Performance at 7:00 pm 
Lipkin Theater, Bethlehem Campus

Workshop Description

Build your creativity and communication skills!! Shadows of the Samurai creators will lead a workshop on using imagination to communicate to eyes, ears, hearts and smarts! 

Bring favorite stories, concepts, beliefs, ideas or just come and make something up on the spot...Exercise your imagination using light, color, shape, rhythm, character and sound on a live-action, low-tech flat screen!  This 90 minute session will develop your artistic literacy and promote your ability communicate dynamically using simple tools in a powerful way. 


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