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To meet the need for graduates who are able to function independently in a mental health and human service environment, the Applied Psychology program offers a liberal arts education, focused on counseling and human services. The program will serve students who either wish to transfer to a four-year institution, or students who wish to work in local organizations with a behavioral health or human services focus with this A.A.S. degree. Graduates of the program will be exposed to a wide diversity of knowledge, be asked to do practical thinking and problem-solving, cultivate knowledge of skills, values and ethics in the counseling profession, and develop a professional identity as a counselor.

This program is also offered as an online and remotely accessible degree option requiring some blended classes with live time. All online courses are facilitated by an instructor and include opportunities for student interaction and participation.

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Careers in Applied Psychology

With the A.A.S. degree, students can immediately obtain employment in professional positions working directly with others. Positions include:  mental health technician, therapeutic support service (TSS) professional, direct care worker for people with special needs or mental illness, and job coach or employment specialist for people with special needs.

Students who complete the A.A.S. degree can transfer to a 4-year college to complete a Bachelor's degree in psychology, family studies, rehabilitation and family services, or biobehavioral health. Career options are plentiful and varied. Possible careers include: mental health or drug/alcohol counselor; expressive (art, dance, movement, animal-assisted) therapist; behavior analyst or licensed behavior specialist; mental health or disabilities caseworker; professional support staff for people with disabilities; speech/physical/occupational therapist; and licensed professional counselor or psychologist. 

Applied Psychology Career Paths

  • Counselor
  • Therapeutic support staff
  • Teacher's Aide
  • TSS worker
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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Applied Science | 2 years
  • This program can be taken partially online
  • This entire program can be completed at our Monroe Campus
  • This entire program can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus
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