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Why go on vacation when every day at work can feel like one? If working in five-star resorts, chic city eateries or tourism destinations sounds like your dream job, keep reading to learn more about the hospitality program at NCC.

Dive right into your dream job with our degree programs that offer separate restaurant and hotel options, as well as offering the only AAS degree program in meeting and event planning in all of Pennsylvania. Whichever path you choose, you'll have the opportunity to explore different facets of the industry, expand your knowledge and discover the perfect career for you!

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Our Hospitality Programs

Can you imagine living on a cruise ship, arriving at a five-star restaurant or working at a resort every day? It's almost too good to be true, but with an NCC hospitality degree, your career will be nothing short of a vacation - while still working, of course.

Because the hospitality industry includes an expansive category of professions Northampton Community College offers six degree programs within four main streams:

Hotel Management: At NCC, we encourage hands-on, interactive courses to truly immerse you in your field of study - especially the hospitality industry. Within NCC's hospitality management associate degree program, you can also choose to concentrate in hotel operations. The hotel program includes classes in guest services, room division law and other subjects.

Resort Management: Earning a resort management degree at NCC includes 30 credits hours in which you can complete in two years. You will experience specialized programming and gain managerial, technical and operational expertise necessary to run a resort or club. Northampton courses in resort management also include communication, leadership and financial management, along with basic hospitality laws and best practices.

Restaurant Management: At NCC, students in the restaurant program will experience "live lab" opportunities acquiring hands on experience at outstanding local restaurants, "Hampton Winds" campus restaurant and at numerous campus special events. The restaurant program includes classes in food preparation techniques, dining room operations, menu planning and cost controls and the fundamentals of beers, wines and spirits.

Meeting and Event Planning: The meeting and event planning program at NCC offers you an associate degree or diploma upon completion. An internship is one component of the associate degree curriculum and is highly-encouraged to get your foot in the door and network with professionals. Whether you pursue the meeting or event planning concentration, you will learn through traditional and online courses, as well as special seminars and lectures by guest speakers. Northampton's hospitality program will allow you to gain knowledge in organizing complex events via critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Dining Room Operations: With a degree from NCC's dining room operations program, you will receive the skills necessary to succeed in major restaurants and resorts, catering and food service companies, and corporate kitchens. The knowledge we offer will have you working at high-end professions, post-graduation. The dining room program stresses the management side of hospitality with an emphasis on front-of-house operations and human resources.

Adventure Tourism: Worldwide spending in adventure tourism is estimated at $263 billion and is continually growing. New in fall 2018, the adventure tourism program will train graduates of to land jobs in action-filled environments, such as ziplines and rope courses. You'll have the opportunity to earn a specialized degree after learning the "ropes" with help from Pocono tourist destinations like Tree Course Adventures and Camelback Mountain Adventures. Safety and risk management will also be key components of your curriculum.


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Careers in Hospitality

Hospitality grads are in high-demand at many companies that cater to meeting customer needs. As an NCC hospitality grad, your options are many! Find work globally, locally and in many different fields, including resort and hotel management, event planning, tourism destinations and attractions, airlines and cruises, guest services, human resources, and sales and marketing.

A career in hospitality management opens the door to many career paths. But no matter where your degree takes you, common skills are required for success. As a part of Northampton Community College's hospitality management training program, you'll learn the basic process of running a business and planning events. A large part of the degree also involves the development of interpersonal skills to serve guests and manage staff effectively. Here is a list of crucial abilities you need to succeed in the hospitality industry:

  • Cultural Awareness and Acceptance: As an effective restaurant or hotel manager, it's important to respect different cultures and to deliver a consistent quality of service to all customers. The listening and communication skills you learn from NCC will help you collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Stress Management: The ability to stay calm in stressful situations and to strategize during on-the-spot moments ensures guest comfort is prioritized. In the resort and hotel industries your exceptional customer service will create positive reviews and enhance your business.
  • Organization and Planning: As a hospitality manager, organizing, planning and overseeing complex operations is essential for a successful career. Thinking in terms of the bigger picture and being flexible will allow you to excel in running a complex operation and managing a large staff of people.
  • Money Management: To be a manager of a restaurant or hotel, you are responsible for tracking expenses, reducing waste and running a smooth operation.
  • Customer Service: In most cases with a profession in hospitality, you will serve as the outward face of your organization. As a manager, you will be responsible for resolving customer problems, while remaining professional, composed and respectful.

Beside the fact of working in high-end facilities, if you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and solving problems on the whim, a career in hospitality may be the perfect option for you. Contact NCC to learn more about our individual programs.

Hospitality Career Paths

  • Hotel Operations Supervisor/ Manager
  • Guest Services Supervisor/Manager
  • Junior Event Planner
  • Food Broker/Distributor
  • Meeting Planner
  • Resort Manager
  • Human Resources Entry-level Manager
  • Wedding/Social Event Planner
  • Restaurant operations Supervisor/Manager/Owner
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"A lot of my success comes from my engagement with NCC. I had my first job two weeks after I graduated." -Andrea Weismiller ’00, NCC Hotel/Restaurant Management alum, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Joshi Hotel Group

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